Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Celtic Bill Walker Is Slightly Crazy...And I Like It

We are only about two weeks into the PRESEASON for the 08-09 NBA season and rookie Bill Walker is already causing a stir around the league.  First, he smashed a sick tomahawk dunk in Theo Ratliff's face like it was a game of Nerf hoops: 

Then he had a nice putback dunk off a typical Scalabrine bricked layup:

Now, he's starting some ish with Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming!

Damn, son!  You need to calm down a little bit.  I love the fire but you are going to get yourself into more trouble than it's worth this early in your career.  The refs are going to be on the lookout for him now as he will be labeled a troublemaker and they will be quick on the trigger to give him a T.  You are already starting to look like a junior Ron Artest (who was actually part of this ruckus as a peacemaker!) unless you calm it down a wee bit.

I also heard he got into it with KG at practice recently, as well!  Let's hope he just has a crazy intensity like KG and this won't cause any long term chemistry issues.  Look out for any Houston Rockets vs. Boston Celtics matchups this season because they are bound to be emotional with potential for some fights and scuffles.

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