Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Family Guy Parody of the "Office Space" Printer Smashing Scene

If you've never seen Office Space or don't remember it that well, this clip above from Family Guy probably won't be that funny to you.  But if you are obsessed with this movie like I am and know every line from front to back, then you will lose your shit watching it for the first time.  They parodied this scene  perfectly and were able to get the rights to use the original Geto Boys track "Still" from the movie.  You gotta love obscure references like this one.   

Original Office Space Printer Smashing Clip:

The episode as a whole wasn't that great since the first 15 minutes was basically Peter dancing to his favorite 50's tune, "Surfin' Bird" aka "The Bird is the Word" song.  It was so repetitive and stupid, it ended up being funny but I've seen a lot of people getting pissed off in forums because they thought it was a crappy episode and didn't like the use of Jesus as a main character.  Get over it people.  This show isn't supposed to be deep.  Just shut your brain off and laugh for once.  I still thought it was pretty good:
The Surfin Bird family guy

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