Monday, October 27, 2008

73 Year-Old Makes Roane State Junior College Hoops Team

Whenever I hear a story about some older person playing a college sport of some sort, I feel like it's just a ridiculous publicity stunt and it's usually not a very physical sport so it's a complete joke.  After watching this video though, this situation seems pretty legit.  Ken Mink is a junior college student at Roane State in Tennessee.  He is 73 years young and actually has some decent skills left as you can see him draining a few jumpers during practice.  Not bad! 

Here's the quick description of the situation from YouTube:
"Ken Mink missed out on his second year of juco basketball 53 years ago when he joined the Air Force. It's something he's always regretted. Today, he's one of the Roane State Raiders and, at 73, possibly one of the oldest collegiate players in history."

Based on the related article from, it sounds like Ken Mink was cut from his juco hoops team back in the day for a shaving cream incident in his coach's office.  Classic!  He claims that he was wrongfully accused and playing for Roane State will help him close that stage of his life that he always wished he could "do over".

I have to give this guy props because it takes some big balls to even approach the coach of the basketball team to ask him for a chance when you are an older gentleman like Mink.  He is old enough to be his Dad!  Most coaches would have laughed him out of their offices or just not taken it seriously.  Luckily, the Roane State coach was cool about it all and said "I'm not very good at saying no."

I hope that I am still mobile and even ALIVE at age 73.  If I could still get up and down the court to or just shoot with my grandkids, I would be very happy.  My knees and joints are already starting to get messed up and I'm just 30!  Yikes.  This guy is actually competitive and can hold his own out there without looking weak or ridiculous.  I love the long shorts and new kicks but I kind of wish he was rockin' short shorts with his t-shirt tucked in, long socks and a headband just like the old guys you see playing at your local gym or YMCA!  There is always one guy that looks like that in a pickup hoops game and ends up schooling everyone with hook shots, set shots and dirty shirt pulling defense.  You gotta love those guys! 

I'm sure we will be hearing more about this situation later in the season and hopefully he actually gets some PT.  Good luck, Ken!

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