Friday, January 23, 2009

In-Game Double Alley-Oop (Nice!)

I caught this vid over at Ball Don't Lie earlier this morning.  This was a designed play from a high school basketball game and it is absolutely sick.  Even though the crowd of about 50 people didn't seem to appreciate this as much as they should have, it is still one of the best plays I've seen in awhile.  You can only invent so many new plays that can be used in a real basketball game that are actually effective or can be repeated.  This reminds me of the set up double alley oop plays they use in SlamBall or NBA Street (it's in there somewhere):
I definitely think J.E. Skeets makes a good point that we may start seeing this play in college or the pros very soon.  Even though it seems like a showy, And1 type of play, it actually looks like it could be very effective if executed correctly and used minimally.  It's hard enough to defend a regular alley oop if a good pick is set for the recipient of the pass but it's even harder to defend a second pick off the ball.  I would love to see this done by a pro team ASAP.  It would be like watching a real life video game.

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