Monday, January 12, 2009

Worst Foul Call Ever - LeBron James Acting School (C's Finally Win Too)

The C’s finally got a freakin’ win yesterday afternoon against the much crappier than expected Toronto Raptors.  It's about freakin’ time they got their act together.  I have been so pissed off the last few weeks with all of these losses, especially when losing to some awful team like the Bobcats.  They still almost gave away this game yesterday after being up by 20 points.  They let the Raptors keep creeping back and they only ended up winning by 6 points, 94-88.  Can you guys just close out a game, please!!!   You are giving me ulcers.

Luckily Ray Allen was on point and dropped in 36 points on some killer shooting.  Rondo also crushed a sweet baseline dunk over some dude trying to cover him which helped breathe some life into this very tired Celtics team:

During the Cavs game on Friday I saw what I thought may have been one of the worst calls in recent memory.  It was typical LeBron James @ss kissing by the refs.  Rondo barely touched him but he acted like he got shot on the jumper and of course made the And 1.  Even if he did make any contact on the hand or arm, it was not enough to warrant a foul, considering all of the blatant molestations that go uncalled during a typical NBA game. 
If you were watching the game, you probably had the same WTF reaction that I did.  I decided right then that I had to record it and put it up on YouTube.  This only has about 700 views currently but it already caused a stir with some of the LeBron followers as there are a ton of angry and ridiculous comments (25 and counting).  I have to admit, he is my favorite non-Celtic but he gets away with murder and it pisses me off:  I feel like Jordan didn't even get as many calls as LeBron does.  Ridiculous.  

LeBron gets a lot of the calls to go in his favor by acting and complaining and if he doesn't get the call, he whines  like a little bitch (just watch this "crab dribble" bullshit from last week).  Enough LeBron.  You are already way better than everyone else.  You don't need the refs in your pocket too!

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