Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Mafia Music" (50 Cent Diss) - Rick Ross (DOWNLOAD)

This shit right here is a hot new track from Rick Ross called "Mafia Music".  I wasn't sure why Ricky Ross was dissin' 50 Cent in this track until I did a little research.  Here's the part where he mentions 50 specifically:

“We stepping on your crew ‘til them m—-f—ker’s crushed. 
Makin' sweet love to every woman that you lust. 
I love to pay ya bills, can’t wait to pay ya rent,  
Curtis Jackson baby mama I ain’t asking for a cent
Burn the house down, you gotta buy another. 
Don’t forget the gas can, jealous stupid motherfucker” 

I guess Rick Ross is all pissed off because 50 said on 106 & Park that it takes all of the Florida artist to equal Him or something along those lines.  That's disrespectful but I've heard much worse and no one said a damn word.

I can't keep track of all this garbage.  Rappers need to stop being so sensitive about every little thing that is said, especially when it's such a vague statement like that.  It's getting too annoying and I'm definitely sick of trying to follow it all.  Now people get offended by the simplest statements and make a whole track about it.  It's like doing a research paper just trying to figure all this shit out.  WTF.    

Just make music, people!  Damn.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD while the link lasts.

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