Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sick Dunks From PTI's Toss Up (1.20.09 Episode)

Miami's DeQuan Jones' ridiculous reverse windmill dunk in traffic (and sick block)

Jarret Johnson's (Anderson University SC) stair climbing monster jam

When I was watching PTI tonight on ESPN, I had an "Oh Shit!" moment when they got to "Toss Up".  They showed these two nasty dunks above and honestly, I can't decide which one is better because they both absolutely ridiculous.

Miami's DaQuan Jones definitely wins for degree of difficulty by flushing a baseline reverse windmill dunk past 3 dudes when taking off from almost the other side of the paint.  INSANE!!!  You also get some bonus footage in the beginning with that disgusting block.   This all happened against UNC too! I need to start watching Miami games because this kid looks like he's a beast.

Anderson University's Jarrett Johnson had a pretty insane dunk himself.  I think it would have been sick, even if he had not received an extra boost off of the shoulder of the dude he posterized.  But there is no way it would have made it to PTI.  That extra kick he got elevated him well over the rim and almost shut down the gym.  The game probably stopped for a good 30 seconds which is like infintiy for the opposing team.  Just watch for Johnson's teammate that loses his mind and just starts running laps around the gym because he doesn't know what to do with himself.  It was like Def Comedy Jam at the Apollo in the mid 90's.  Freakin' classic!

Which one would you pick?

UPDATE!!!:  Here is a better version of Jarret Johnson's Chest Walking Dunk with a couple of replays and a zoomed in slow-mo.  I have to admit that I completely missed the best part of this video the first time around and it has nothing to do with the actual dunk.  BarStoolSports.com said it best:  "I mean when the midgit on the end of the bench starts break dancing on your face, I think it's time to move. At least get up and give the charge signal and head the other way like you thought it was an offensive or something."  HA HA!!!

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