Thursday, January 8, 2009

Puma Past Masher - Personal Photo Mash-Up Tool (Cool!)

Ya, that's me!  You're boy, Dj RyB.  I read an article about a new online promotion for Puma to help commemorate the brand's 60th birthday simply called "I Am 60" so I thought I would check it out and it ended up being kind of cool.  You can pick from a bunch of fly Puma styles from the 40's and 50's, all the way up to the 90's.  I had to go with the what I assume is the crushed velvet jacket that LL Cool J used to rock in his videos.  I couldn't find the matching Kangol (Puma must not have made their own version) so I went with the Fresh Prince cyclist cap and the Run DMC glasses to match.  I wish I could have chosen some fly Puma suedes to go along with it but what can you do.  I still think it's fresh to death. 
This whole concept of uploading a picture of someone and putting it on another body has been done before but it never really seems to get old.  It's great if you want to embarrass a co-worker or if you just need a good laugh.  I think it's even cooler when you can customize it like you can with Puma's Past Masher.  Check it out  if you are bored and have some pics of yourself and friends.  WORD UP!!!
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