Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sling Player App for iPhone To Drop in Q1? (Crossing Fingers)

Please let this be true!  Gizmodo is reporting that the Sling Player App for the iPhone is almost complete and should be sent to Apple for approval for the App Store at some point in Q1.  Although there have been rumors of this for months and even a demo video floating around since June (see above), I still won't believe it until it's featured in the iTunes App Store.  There has just been too much hype and too many delays for me to get excited about this again but any time I hear some news, I just flip out.  Believe me, this thing is F'n cool and worth the excitement.  I don't care if the App ends up being $30 like many people are guessing, I will still be buying it immediately after it's released. 

If you are unfamiliar with the SlingBox, it's a freakin' awesome gadget that connects to any video device such as your cable box or DVD player and then "slings" the video signal through an ethernet connection across the internet to your Sling Player software located on a computer or phone.  Basically, you are watching and controlling your TV at home from anywhere that has an internet connection.  It's pretty much the coolest gadget I have ever purchased.  I have been showing it off and amazing people for a good 2 years now.  It never gets old because so few people even realize this technology is possible.

I currently have the Sling Player software on my laptop at home and computer at work.  Although I don't use it often at work, it's great for nights I need to stay late, mornings I want to catch SportsCenter, early games of the NCAA tournament or Red Sox opening day.  I use it home as a portable TV to take outside on the back deck during the summer to catch a game or even bring it in to the bathroom while I take a shower or whatever I might be doing in there for a long period of time.  It's pretty much the best thing ever.  And it's all FREE!!!  No monthly subscription.

I used to have SlingPlayer Mobile on my Motorola Q before I got the iPhone, so I was able to watch TV anywhere I was located, even if I didn't have a wifi signal.  If I was being dragged to some awful store or party by my girlfriend, I could always sneak away and catch a few minutes of the Celtics or Sox.  It came in handy many times for important games, such as the 2007 World Series.  I was in Cali for a wedding and didn't have access to a TV and missed almost every game but I was able to watch Game 3 along with some other Boston folks over in the corner so that the ladies and bride didn't see us and get pissed.  That kind of shit is priceless.  If you are a big sports fan like myself, I highly recommend you get the SlingBox and SlingPlayer Mobile for your smartphone ASAP.

As I mentioned, I've been missing the mobile aspect of the Sling Player since I got the iPhone and I would LOVE IT if I could get it back again.  I have zero issues with the iPhone except for this one missing killer app.  Make it happen soon, fellas!  I promise to both Apple and Sling Media that this will increase sales for both of your products immensely.  There are thousands of people out there that own either the SlingBox or iPhone and are waiting to make a purchase of the other one as soon as this App is available.  Sounds like a no brainer to me...
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