Thursday, January 22, 2009

Michael Jackson & Mr. Roboto Guy From Celtics JumboTron

My week has been mad hectic because of a work event so my posts will probably be minimal but I had to put this one up while I had a few seconds.  This is a video of one of my Pre-Wife's friends (and someone I now consider a friend), Scott Mattison from Concord, MA.  He has been on the JumboTron a ton this year during Celtics games because of his crazy and incredible dance moves.  He has an absolutely killer Michael Jackson dance routine as well as a little bit of Mr. Roboto thrown in for good measure.  

The first time I saw him bustin' out, I was definitely impressed.  I consider myself a decent MJ dance impersonator so I appreciate it when I see someone else being able to pull it off with any authenticity.  Then I realized that I actually knew the guy and I almost lost it.  We ended up seeing him after the game of his first appearance and he was a legend in the streets.  Everyone knew who he was as if he was famous or something.  It was unreal.  I should have figured it was him too.  I was at his 30th birthday party where he did a dead on "Billie Jean" video impersonation for everyone.  Shit was classic!

Every season, the JumboTron video editors seem to find one crazy fan in the stands that they go to over and over again.  A couple of years ago it was that dopey guy with a Superman shirt underneath his old school Celtics warm up jacket.  Then it was a little kid impersonating him with the same routine which was even more lame and annoying.  Last year it was this little black kid who couldn't have been any older than 4 years old but could out dance any Hip Hop or R&B backup dancer.  It looks like the JumboTron Star is going to be Scott this year and I think it's freakin' awesome.

He's got season tickets and will be at most home games so be on the lookout for him.  I'm hoping he drops some moves from "Beat It" or "Smooth Criminal".  I think I will have to make that suggestion to him next time I see him.

FYI:  This was created by the Celtics organization and was shown on the Jumbotron on 12/5/08.

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