Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hot PETA Ad Banned From Super Bowl

Nice try, PETA.  Although the chicks in your commercial are hot as hell and you definitely caught my attention with the soft porn vegetable love, you will never get me to eat them or even think twice about becoming a vegetarian.  I am like a 3 year old when it comes to eating that garbage since I will bitch and whine whenever it comes with a dinner or the pre-wife cooks some green shit and tries to put it on my plate.  It's strictly meat and carbs for this guy.

Maybe vegetarians have better sex according to some lame survey you took in San Francisco or somewhere fruity but you failed to mention whether or not it was sex with a chick.  There is no way some skinny ass, tight clothes wearing, no muscle having vegetarian dude is scoring ass that resembles anything like that in your commercial.  If these vegetarian dudes that you somehow converted from your lame ad campaign happen to like chicks, they will end up going for some dirty footed, nerdy hippy chick with glasses and greasy hair.  Shit doesn't work like that, homies.  I'm claiming false advertising.

Good luck trying to convince any heterosexual male that it would be a good idea to stop eating steak, chicken and pork, regardless of the potential hot ass rewards. Meat just tastes too damn good!  I'm making my self hungry getting all fired up about this crap.  I think I will go get a Sausage, Egg and Cheese sandwich and follow it up with a huge Burger with Bacon for lunch and a fat Steak for dinner.

Mmmmmm...Bacon.  Or even better...A Bacon Belly Bomb!!!
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