Friday, January 2, 2009

"Crack A Bottle" - New Leaked Eminem Track (DOWNLOAD)

"Crack a Bottle" is supposedly the newest track leaked from Eminem's soon to be new album "Relapse" that is also produced by Dr. Dre.  The beat is catchy as hell with that piano chord and Em's singing hook.  It's not necessarily a radio hit but it's a decent track to whet the appetite for his new album.  I wouldn't call this his best work but I do like it.  It takes a few listens to get into it and feel what he is doing.  I don't think it is a finished track just yet but it has potential.   

The only thing that was confusing was his rhyme style.  It seemed a little old school and simple for him, almost like he recorded or wrote these lyrics years early in his career or something.  I gave it another listen and I just think he is trying something different which I'm cool with since no one seems to try anything different these days.  I just hope he comes correct on this album. 

He definitely needs one radio hit in order to keep his record sales up.  I think people are starting to forget about him since he has been out of the public eye for awhile and techincally retired so he needs to bring that heat to get back in people's consciousness.  I am sure he is saving that fire Dr. Dre track for a radio release a few weeks before the album drops.  If not, they've got problems.    

Click Here for FREE DOWNLOAD while the link lasts...

UPDATE: Here is a newer version of "Crack a Bottle" featuring 50 Cent and Dr. Dre. DOPE!

I definitely like this version way better. It sounds much more polished and is probably a mastered and final version. If this link doesn't work, head over to for some more options.

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