Friday, January 2, 2009

Team Flight Brothers: Best Dunks of 2008 (SICK!)

This is an INSANE highlight reel of the best dunks of 2008 from Team Flight Brothers (TFB).  You can skip past the first minute as it's just an intro thing.   It's a little over 10 minutes, so there are plenty of dunks to keep your attention.  It really picks up at the halfway point all the way through the end. 

I've been subscribing to TFB's videos since earlier this year and I have yet to be disappointed.  I literally get excited every time I realize there is a new video available.  Every new one seems to outdo the last and I almost always have a "Holy Shit!!!" or a "How'd they do that?" moment.  I highly recommend you subscribe to their YouTube videos ASAP.   

You will see some of the best dunkers in the world in these videos.  No joke.  I don't care that you have probably never heard of most of these guys.  You will know their names soon enough.  They are pulling off some of the hardest and most creative dunks that I have ever seen.  They are doing shit that I only thought could be done in a video game.  A lot of these dudes are under 6'0" too which makes it that much more ridiculous.

Watch now.  You will not be disappointed.

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