Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kobe Bryant's Ankle Breakin' Insurance (New Nike Viral Ad)

I'm not so sure the super low cut Nike Zoom Kobe IV sneakers are the best choice for insurance against ankle breaking syndrome but I still think this viral video from Nike was funny and effective.  I guess they were going with the fact that the super lightweight material will keep you moving fast enough on defense to keep you from getting your ass handed to you on a crossover.  Touche.  But I also think you are better off wearing a much higher ankle sneaker like the Hyperdunk if you are too worried about this potential injury because you are slow and suck on defense.  Sorry, I'm just being "Literal Chris" today (shot out to O&A and Jim Norton).

I like this "commercial" though!  Nike's been bringing the heat with their viral videos lately.  Good ish.

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