Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Boom Shaka Laka! - Reminiscing Over NBA JAM (Throwback!)

NBA Jam Pictures, Images and Photos
This has no relevance to anything but I just had to put something up after catching a random video yesterday that had me reminiscing about the good old days.  Let's be honest.  My posts are always random and I write about whatever useless information or topic that pops into my head so this isn't too far off from what you'd expect at DjRyB.com.
Anyway, I came across this clip above of the all-time classic video game, NBA Jam.  This may be one of the best basketball games ever created because of it's simplicity and addictiveness.  When it first came out, arcade games and home game consoles like the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis were all starting to offer some "high end" graphics and game play and this game was considered to be cutting edge.  It's insane how awful it looks now but you have to remember that it was 1993 when this dropped.  This was DOPE!!!

NBA JAM Commercial (Remember this?!?!!  So good!)
The game did what you expected and it could keep you entertained for hours on end.  I'm pretty sure my buddy D.C. and I played this game for 16 hours straight until about 5 AM one Saturday night/Sunday morning.  I think we were in a SNES induced coma at that point and were just playing on auto-pilot.  We probably had 13 triple OT games and I still don't know who won the series.  The series was probably 75-74 by the time we finally passed out from exhaustion

We were somehow able to score the secret codes that allowed you to unlock characters like Bill Clinton, Al Gore, P-Funk and Air Dog who were all completely unstoppable.  Don't forget about the Power Dunks or Unlimited Turbo codes, either.  It probably took us an hour just to enter all of the codes before we even started playing.  This was all before the internet, so you had to either find out from a friend that had "connections" or find the codes in Nintendo Power magazine and make a photocopy or write it all out in a notebook.  Shit was ridiculous. 

Man, I wish I could go back to being 12 or 13 for just a few days and just sit back and kick it without any responsibilities or care in the world.  Time really flies.  That literally feels like yesterday...

"He's heating up!  Naw brother, I'm on FIRE!!!" - Redman from the song "Rockafella"

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