Friday, January 30, 2009

Sick Dunks from Team Flight Brother's Guy Dupuy (NASTY!)

Damn.  These Team Flight Brother (TFB) dudes are just insane.  They pull off some of the sickest dunks I have ever seen.  Just check out the two INSANE dunks that Guy Dupuy pulls off with minimal effort.  In the first, dude jumps over a straight standing, full sized adult, clears him easily and then grabs the ball from another guy behind his back without looking and pulls it back around his body for a tomahawk dunk.  WOW.  The second between the leg dunk looks like child's play compared to that one.

This was also a slick video response to Jeff Van Gundy's recent comments that the Sprite Slam Dunk contest should be banned from NBA All Star Weekend because it is tired and boring.  I will admit that it was getting stale in years past but players like Dwight Howard brought back the creativity to make this a must see event again. 

I do think they should try some new things, however.  Why not have an NBA Champion and an Amatuer/Streetball Champ face off against each other in the final round?  Or why not let one or two outsiders come in to compete from the beggining to show people what's up.  Some of the best dunkers I have ever seen will never make it to the NBA but it would be great to see them pull of some of their incredible dunks in a major event like this.  I doubt it will ever happen but it would definitely be cool to see.
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