Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Legal Sports Gambling at CentSports.com (Cool)

CentSports.com was mentioned in one of the email newsletters I received this morning and I have to admit, I am a little pissed that I didn't think of this idea myself.  There is almost no way that this site won't be successful if they promote it properly.  I almost deleted the email too because I was just trying to clean out my Inbox but luckily I took the time to scan it quickly. Once I saw "free sports gambling", they had my full attention.

I joined one of the online gambling sites a few months back and after winning about $100, I soon realized that a) short money does not last long in gambling and b) losing real money sucks donkey balls. I quickly lost that $100 plus the original $100 I put in and I was back to zero. It was fun while it lasted.  I will not be back to that site any time soon.  ESPN's Streak for Cash is pretty cool because you have the chance to win $1 Million but you also have to be in the zone and win 27 bets in a row.  If you do get on a streak, you are wasting all of those good "bets" that you will never get paid out on.  That blows!  

CentSports.com actually seems like a nice and legal alternative. It turns out that paying out winnings on a sport gambling is legal in the U.S. if the players aren't actually paying to play. The way it works is that the site pays you for watching ads.  Pretty simple.  They also show you an ad when you sign up so you earn $.10 right off the bat which can be used for your first bet. It sounds like nothing but it can add up quickly if you win a few bets and watch some more ads.  They also offer you the ability to put a multiplier on your bet if you watch another ad right after the bet is placed.  It's a pretty painless process and you are a hell of a lot more likely watch and even pay attention to an ad if you know you are "making money" from it. The site seems pretty legit and they have already had someone win a cash out of $1,000. That's free money right there, homey!  You can't beat that. 

I just signed up a few minutes ago and already placed my first bet. Even if I lose, they will always allow me to earn $.10 by watching a new ad, so my account will never be at zero. That sounds like a great way to feed an addiction and keep you in the game!   You can also link up with and keep track of your friends bets so there is a fun social aspect to it all too.  You can copy the bets of your friend that's on a roll or you can gang up and rip on the clown that just lost 10 bets in a row.  That sounds like good times all around.

Sports are always a lot more fun when you gamble on it (see the NFL), so I highly recommend you check it out and at least give it a chance. It may take a little time and effort to "earn" your money but I think you'll have some fun doing it and won't have to worry about getting your knees smashed by some mafia dude trying to collect your debts. It sounds like a win/win situation, in my opinion. Get after it!

If you are in a giving mood, please click on this link here so I can get credited for signing you up. Once you do, I recommend doing the same yourself and promote this site to your friends so you can earn some extra cash in your account too. I'm assuming the more people that join, the better the advertising payouts should be in the future. That means more money for you to use with your bets.  Holla!

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