Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Big Brother (Remix) - Bobby Creekwater (BGOV/Shady Records)

I started following Bobby Creekwater on Twitter the other day and he hit me up real quick with downloads of some new tracks, including this one above for the "Big Brother (Remix)".  He uses the instrumental and concept from Kanye's Big Brother track to describe his relationship with Eminem and Shady Records.  Nice.

I was defintiely surprised to get a real response from him so quickly but I guess it proves that artist's are getting hip to Twitter and actually using it to connect with fans and DJ's.  It might have been his management/promotional team that actually responded but either way, it's a good move on their part to get Bobby Creekwater's name floating in the Hip Hop blogosphere.  I decided to put up a post about him so it obviously worked on me and I know a bunch of other bloggers/DJ's have been doing the same thing. 

If you haven't heard this dude yet, I suggest you do some digging on YouTube, iMeem, etc. to get a feel for his unique style.  I am definitely feelin' what he has put out there so far and looking forward to hearing some more.  I first heard him on Shade 45 on Sirius radio in early 2008 when they were pushing his track "Bobby Creek".  The repetition is a little crazy but it's catchy as hell.  Check it here:
He is signed to Shady Records so I am sure he will get some love on Em's new album.  If they are smart, they will get him on a bunch of tracks to push him to the ridiculously huge Eminem audience.  If he can tap even a small percentage of that fan base because of his Shady affiliation, he will be doing big things in 2009 and the near future.  I know that I am ready for his debut album to drop soon so it's just a matter of time before that demand starts building from the larger Hip Hop audience.  It's time for someone new! 

And who that is?!?!  Bobby Creek

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