Sunday, December 21, 2008

Welker Gets 15 Yards for Making a Snow Angel After a TD? WTF!?!

Come on!  Seriously?  This was an unsportsmanlike like conduct penalty?  This is one of the all time classic TD celebrations!  Is anything even allowed in the No Fun League these days?  Good lord!  That is just ridiculous.  It's the weekend before Christmas!  Just let it go, buddy.

And how about that game by the way?  The Pats DESTROYED the Cardinals 47-7 and basically put the game away in the first quarter.  I was a little upset they didn't pitch the shutout to be honest.  That was a nice win but 47-0 would have been a nice Eff you to the league considering the Cardinals are one of the better squads in the NFC.  The weather definitely helped the cause considering it hasn't stopped snowing since Friday afternoon.  I don't think the boys from Arizona were prepared for that madness.

The Jets also lost to the crappy Seattle Seahawks in another snow game.  That definitely helps the cause in getting a step closer to the AFC title.  Holla!    

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