Friday, December 5, 2008

Random Ish - World Series of Beer Pong, Best Hockey Fight Ever and More!

Here's another installment of Random Ish that includes some more things that I thought were interesting but didn't motivate me enough to give them their own post.  Here's what I've found in the last week. 

This may be the biggest sneaker tongue I have ever seen!  I like the shoes themselves since they are classic Adidas but this tongue is a bit excessive, don't you think?  These would be perfect for the urban hipsters that rock tight jeans that can't fit over the top of their kicks anyway.


Here's a DOPE Jordan Art poster by Daymon Greulich that I saw over at  I don't buy posters anymore since I'm a little out of that age demo now but I have to admit, this could easily put in a frame and treated as an art piece rather than something a kid would hang up in their dorm room.  This is just really nice.  Once me and the pre-wife get a house, I am definitely going to buy this and put it in my DJ/Entertainment/Video Game room.  Oh ya, that's right.  If you didn't know, this is what you have to look forward to when you get married.  You get one room for all your shit.  If you're lucky...

I've actually heard of the World Series of Beer Pong before but it's only because my boy T-Money played in it last year.  It was about a half hour off the strip at some shady casino in old Vegas or something but he said it was a great time.  Whoever came up with this league is a genius!  It looks like they stepped their game up this year too, due to the popularity of the event last season.  Check out these deets:

Location:  The Flamingo Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, NV
  • 4 nights on the strip.
  • 100's of teams from the U.S. and Canada
  • 12 guaranteed games
  • $50,000 Grand Prize

This may be fake but it's still funny as hell.  I wish there was a Jones' Big Ass Truck Rental and Storage in MA!!!

This hockey fight is from 1979 but I've never seen it until this week.  My buddy who's a hockey guy got all pissed off at me that I didn't know about this because it involved the hometown Bruins but I'm a hoops guy so I try to avoid the hockey like the plague.  I can't believe this never got brought up by the media when the Malice at the Palace between the Pacers and Pistons happened a few years back.  This is way worse!  These guys have sharp skates on that could be used as a weapon and slice someone up!  Mike Millbury beat one fan with his own shoe.  Good lord.  This was just insane:

Finally, take a look at this gem.  You can never have too much Obama, right?  Well now you can play a remixed version of Super Mario Bros. called Super Obama World.  Be sure to watch out for those pesky pigs with lipstick and be sure to grab as many American flags as possible.  This took me back to the good old 8-bit NES days.  So good!

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