Thursday, December 11, 2008

Melo Unconscious with 33 Pts. in the 3rd and 45 Pts. Total Last Night - BALLIN'!

Carmelo Anthony was playing out of his damn mind last night.  33 pts. in the 3rd quarter?!?!?!  Damn son!!!  That is RIDICULOUS!!!  That tied the NBA record for most individual points in a quarter.  I also think he had 24 straight points for the Nuggets in one stretch meaning no one else scored during that time.  Good lord!

To top it all off, he ended up with "only" 45 points and 11 boards for the game.  I am sure he probably took a good chunk of the 4th quarter off but I was expecting to hear that he had about 60 points with an explosion like that in the 3rd.  Either way, that was just sick.  A pure shooting display.

Here are some other quick highlights from the NBA last night.  I thought Jamario Moon's putback dunk at #4 should have been a little higher.  Dude took off with two feet from outside the paint, caught it over some dude while his head was above the rim and then threw it down all in one motion and ended up on the other side of the hoop.  Crazy!

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