Friday, December 12, 2008

Jennifer Aniston Gets Nekked in GQ Magazine - HOLLA!!!

I'm not really a huge Jennifer Aniston fan but I have to admit, she looks finer than a mo'fo on the most recent cover of GQ.  I heard that she was getting naked for this photo shoot other day and wasn't that interested initially since most magazines still cover the ladies quite a bit even when they bare it all. Now that I've seen the pics, she looks WAY hotter than I ever expected!  She's 39 years old?  DAMN.  That's smokin' for any age.  She definitely just bumped up a few notches in my hot celebrity list.   

The main problem with her is that she might be one of the most boring and annoying celebrities in all of Hollywood.  Lucky for her, she looks fly as hell with no clothes on.  She's actually smiling with her mouth open for once, instead of that creepy, no teeth smirk she always puts out there trying to be all posh and shit.  Doesn't she just look so much cuter and less bitchy with a real smile?  It's not like she has bad teeth or something.  WTF!  I wish she would open her mouth more often (tee hee).  Then again, maybe she should keep it shut so we don't have to listen to all of her meaningless babble.  As Homer would say, BOOOORINNNNNG...

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