Thursday, December 4, 2008

T.I. Interview from the Howard Stern Show this Morning

T.I. was on the Howard Stern Show this morning and it was actually a decent interview even though rappers are not the typical guest for them.  We didn't learn a lot of new information but it was still interesting because  no one on the show knew his music or anything about him in general so they had to start from scratch. 

Because of their lack of knowledge, they asked alot of basic questions about his career and past experiences which was actually a great way to get into the life of T.I. and learn more about him as a person.  Rappers usually have the same canned responses and tough guy persona so you don't learn shit about them.  Stern is a really good interviewer and he finds a way to dig up a lot of information that most people would never think of asking or be able to get out of the normal celebrity. 

Here are some quick highlights:
- Disccussion about the gun charges and his trip up north in the near future
- Hanging out at Will Smith's house on Election Night
- The two federal officers that travel with him everywhere
- T.I. getting upset with Artie using the N word in the B.I.G. lyrics he recited
- Lil Flip beef


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