Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Busta Rhymes (Feat. Ron Browz) - Arab Money (Official Video w/ Revised Chorus)

Damn.  I'm really slackin' on my pimpin' lately.  This got uploaded on December 3rd?  Where the F have I been?  Actually, I don't even watch music videos anymore unless they are sent to me by a friend or I just happened to be looking for it on YouTube.  Where do you even watch music videos these days other than the internet?  Shit is messed up.

Busta's new track "Arab Money" has grown on me since I first heard it on Sirius about a month and a half ago.  I wasn't feeling it to much originally because of the annoying vocoder (PLEASE GO AWAY) on Ron Browz' chorus but it is definitely more tolerable these days since I've heard it about 100 times since.  I think the beat is too hypnotic to avoid if you hear it enough.  A lot of songs have been like that lately.  They're dropping that subliminal shit on you!  You hate it at first, then you get sucked right in.  I usually get sick of a song after hearing it this many times but it's been the complete opposite.  Weird.

This edited version is slightly different on that previously mentioned catchy chorus.  Instead of saying "We Gettin' AYYY-Rab Money!" they switched it up to a more politically correct pronunciation of "We Gettin' Ahhh-Raauub Money".  It's a slight difference but enough that I noticed it right away.  Someone higher up at the record label must have either suggested they change it so they don't catch some heat or someone was offended by the original track they heard.

I think people need to chill out, either way.  If anything, it's a compliment to the "Arabs" by saying they've got riches that everyone wants.  Ease up a little bit on the PC shit folks.  Why does everyone gotta be so serious all the time?

Watch up until the end for the best part of the video.  He got the crowd hyped at a show and landed some good "waving in unison" shots.  Nice!

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