Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Charles Barkley is Good At Shoe-Dodging Too

This is a classic clip from NBA Tip-Off on TNT that aired earlier this week.  Chris Webber and Charles Barkley did a nice re-enactment of the George Bush shoe tossing incident, although I think Barkley was even less prepared than El Presidente.

At least G-Dubya has been training for this type of incident for the past 8 years and is still in fighting shape.  I definitely have to give him credit for his quick response time.  He was duckin' and weavin' with the best of them.

Barkley hasn't been doing much training unless it's for the blackjack tables in Vegas or the all you can eat buffets.  He is looking more like a sumo wrestler and not a former NBA star.   Webber also threw his shoes a lot slower so who knows how Chuck would react in real time.

Even if you don't like basketball or the NBA, I highly recommend you TiVo/DVR the pre and post game shows on TNT so you can catch some more classic moments like this one.  It's always good for a few laughs late night.

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