Monday, December 22, 2008

Shorty's Got Hops! - Nate Robinson's Ridiculous Putback Dunk VS. Celtics Last Night

We all know that Nate Robinson has some ridiculous hops for a midget based on his dunk contest performance two years ago.  As Spudd Webb proved, sick hops on a little guy don't always translate to good or even any in-game dunks.  At 5'8" (on a good day), it is unreal that Robinson can even dunk yet alone throw it down on the break every so often at full speed. Every once in awhile he hits us with one of these gems and he completely defies all laws of physics.  

I don't think most people in the crowd realized how nasty this dunk was until they saw the replay on the Jumbotron.  You can hear them all gasping in amazement once they show it again.  This is definitely one of my favorite dunks of the year.  I think I just said that about Josh Smith's dunk over Perkins earlier in the week but I am allowed to add to the list!  Both were SICK!!!

Below is the post game interview with Garnett and Pierce discussing the Celtics making history by becoming the third NBA team to start the season with 26 wins in 28 games and the second in franchise history to win 18 consecutive games.  Oh ya.  I forgot to mention that the Celtics crushed the Knicks again, 124-105.

They did miss the best part of the interview which was at the very beginning when Garnett ripped on Pierce's all weather Timberland's with the "rat tail" insulation.  He called them the new "Ray Allen signature shoe".  Ha ha.  Pierce doesn't mess around with this weather up here.  He's been in Boston too long. 
They looked something like this:
NBA Top 5 Plays from Sunday December 21st:

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