Friday, December 19, 2008

Little Kids Rockin' Out To Hip Hop Will Always Be Funny

The pre-wife sent me this video the other day after seeing it posted on  I don't EVER go near that site so don't even get me started.  If you want to make some weak comment, go for it. 

Anyway, this little girl is freakin' hysterical doing her version of the "Single Ladies" video.  She has Beyonce's moves and routine down pretty damn good for a toddler.  I bet you she has watched this video roughly a billion times to know it this well.  4 year olds LOVE repetition and have no concept of when something is worn out or overplayed.  I'm sure her parents are probably sick of hearing it by now but it could be worse.  As a father, I would much rather watch Beyonce girating in her videos over and over again compared to some other garbage little kiddie DVD that you could be watching.  That stuff can be painful! 

I shot that video around the office yesterday and that was definitely a big hit with the girls.  Someone ended up sending over this other video below of this little kid doing an impromptu car seat dance to a Paul Wall song.  I almost lost it when I watched this for the first time:
 This kid is dead serious with his head noddin' dance routine.  He's got some crazy rhythm and moves in that seat!  He is absolutely loving that track!  My favorite part is when he closes his eyes to "feel the music".  So good! 

It's funny how kids will imitate anything that they see adults do, especially when they get a laugh out of it.  How can you not be in a good mood after watching those two videos?  Unreal!

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