Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Origins of T.I.'s "Live Your Life" Sample (The Numa Numa Song)

While we are on the topic of T.I., I figured I would throw this up since my stupid ass just figured it out.  I knew there was a sample at the beginning of "Live Your Life" but I never looked into it until today because I'm lazy.  I thought there was a slight chance it was actually Rihanna singing and they just freaked her vocals but I figured that probably wasn't the case.  I actually found the answer by accident from a post at  This is a direct quote from the article from DJ Kitsune, a European DJ:

” the group that made the record famous is ”O-Zone” from Romania. The original original is a group from Moldavia called “Haiducii”. Rumor has it that “O-Zone” bought the record from “Haiducii” for $15.000 (including beat and lyrics) and turned it into a hit record all over the continent. And everybody hated them for it. Smart enough, “Haiducii” got themselves a distribution deal as well and put their crappy ass version of “Dragostae Din Tei” (the name of both original versions) in stores too, which ended in having both singles of the same annoying song in the top 5 charts in several countries at the same time. O-Zone sold way more records tho.”

That's confusing but understandable since Europe and surrounding countries are completely random with their musical interests.  If David Hasselhoff can be a number 1 in Germany on a regular basis, then this terrible song could also be on the charts with two completely different versions at the same exact time. 

I looked into it a little more and found some awesome related videos.  I can't believe that this sample came from this crazy ass song.  Just Blaze is super random for using that as the main part of the track but I freakin' love it.  This song will get old soon since the radio is absolutely killing it but I don't really care.  I like it for now.  A lot of people are hatin' on the fact that this is from a shitty European pop song.  Whatever.  You can only sample so many soul records without doing what's already done.  It may be from leftfield but it's original and now it's one of the biggest records of the year.  Relax and take notes!!!

Original song by O-Zone - Dragon Din Tei (also known as Numa Numa)

Here's some crazy fat kid rockin' out to it.  It's unbelievable what you can find on this here internet.  This has over 22 million views!  WTF!!  I need to step my YouTube game up because I've never seen this.  So good!

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