Friday, December 12, 2008

SICK! - MJ Breaks Backboard During Exhibition Game in Summer '86

Damn!  MJ made it rain on them hoes!  This is completely random and has nothing to do with anything current but I saw this video while cruising around YouTube the other day and just had to put it up.  Any time you find a video of Michael Jordan breaking a backboard while simultaneously teabagging some foreign dude, you just have to put it up immediately.  It's too bad he never did this in an NBA game but it's still pretty cool.

How random is this game, by the way?  It was a Nike Exhibition game that supposedly took place back in August 1986 in Italy but I'm not sure that is correct because MJ is wearing the Jordan 1's which came out for the 84-85 season.  Why wouldn't he be wearing the newest style which was the Air Jordan II?  Actually, now that I think about it, Nike probably made him wait until the season started to introduce the newest model.  I am just thinking out loud at this point...

This was way before basketball became popular overseas too.  I'm assuming this game was created to help promote the Nike brand throughout the world since they were still a fairly small company at that time compared to what they are now.  Those uniforms are hideous too!  Good times.

There is no way in hell that this type of game would happen today.  If this did indeed happen in '86, it would be the summer after his second year in the NBA in which he sat out almost the entire season due to injury.  So not only was he playing in a random exhibition game before the next season but he was still probably rehabilitating his broken foot!  WTF!

With the amount of money NBA teams pay their players nowadays, it seems like they are only allowed to work out with the team or sit on their couch and watch TV so that they don't get injured.  That doesn't stop them from doing crazy ish like crashing motorcycles (see Jay Williams), getting hit by a car and shooting into a crowd (see Stephen Jackson) or getting in a moped accident (see Monte Ellis) but they're just not supposed to do that stupid shit.  They really can't do ANYTHING except for play in the Olympics and even then, the teams still get pissed off about the chance of their "investments" being tainted.  It's just funny how times have changed. 

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