Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rondo Tears It Up AGAIN in Celtics Win Vs. Utah Jazz Last Night

 The Celtics pushed their insane winning streak to 15 games last night with a win over the Utah Jazz with a final score of 100-91. They now have a 23-2 record which is the best start to an NBA season since the 95-96 Bulls.  That team went on to win an NBA record 72 wins that season.  I don't think it's necessary or even a good thing to shoot for that record but it would be pretty cool if they could get close to it.  

The Jazz still weren't at full strength which has been an issue for them all season. Deron Williams is just coming back into playing form after missing about 13 games earlier this season and Carlos Boozer is still not suiting up although he is now listed as day to day. With that being said, they still gave the C's a run for their money last night.

Deron Williams heated up in the second half and was going shot for shot at times with Rajon Rondo. If he had been that aggressive and shot that well earlier in the game, this one would have been much closer or the Jazz could have even pulled off the upset. The one surprise of the game was the ridiculous play of Paul Milisap. He ended up with 32 points and 10 rebounds and was pulling shots out of his ass all night. Dude was on point. Everyone in the building was screaming out, "who the F is this guy!" and "somebody cover him". He was a monster, plain and simple.

Rajon Rondo was unstoppable once again as he ended up with a career high 25 points and almost had another triple double with 9 rebounds and 8 assists. He was taking what seemed like a lot of shots for him throughout the game but he was getting to the hoop with ease and would either finish with a layup, get fouled or dish to someone for a jumper.  If everything is going that well, I see no problem with him being so aggressive.

I would have liked to have seen Ray Allen get a few more jumpers but I wasn't complaining since Rondo was making so many tough baskets and great plays. There was one reverse layup specifically that really got the crowd going in the 4th quarter which also helped the Celtics close out the game.  He did some crazy up and under reverse, while doing close to a 180 with his back to the basket eventually.  it's tough to describe, so take a look at the 1:50 minute mark in the highlights above or click here to go directly to that play.  He looked unreal all night and continues to make a case for why he should be considered for this year's All-Star game.

Paul Pierce hurt his knee with 31 seconds left in the game which really quieted the crowd just when everyone was getting ready to celebrate the win.  He needed help getting up and off the court which was not a good sign.  It sounds like he is doing OK today and should be fine later in the week but you always worry about a knee injury since it can be such a long term, nagging injury.  The crowd did get an "MVP" chant going and I started getting flashbacks to Game 1 of the NBA Finals.  There wasn't enough time left in the game for him to make another dramatic comeback but I am sure he will be back soon enough.  I still got the chills from the emotion in the chant.  It's like we were trying to will him back to health.  Hopefully it worked.

There was one final thing that I thought was pretty amusing from last night.  Michael Phelps, who recently signed an endorsement deal with Subway, showed up with that fat toolbag Jared from their commercials.  I really have no idea what Phelps said because the crowd was cheering so loudly like they were introducing Kevin Garnett or Pierce.  It was pretty insane to hear the crowd get that loud for a non-game moment and it shows how much people appreciate the incredible performance from Phelps in the 2008 Summer Olympics.  The best part of this whole sequence, however, was when Jared started to talk and everyone booed him IMMEDIATELY as if he was a member of the Lakers or something.  He barely even got a word in.  So good.  Gotta love the feisty Boston crowds!   

Here's a quick look at some of Rondo's recent outstanding performances against the Washington Wizards and New Orleans Hornets.  Dude has been just killin' it lately.  Rondo AND the Celtics just can't be stopped.  No one in the L has swagger like US

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