Monday, December 8, 2008

Clipse Mixtape - "Road Till The Casket Drops" FREE DOWNLOAD courtesy of Complex Magazine

This new mixtape from the Clipse "Road Till The Casket Drops" is ON POINT! This is one of the hardest mixtapes I've heard in a long time. This could easily be an album if all of these beats and choruses were original but they did hijack most of them as everyone does these days.

I've been waiting for their new album forever now but this will definitely keep me satisfied for a few more months. One of my favorite tracks was "Pop Champagne" which is their take on the current hit and uses the original Ron Browz hook. I like this version WAY better because it gets rid of Jim Jones (always a plus) and they stepped up the lyrics immensely compared to the original.  The other hot track is "Numb It Down" using Lupe Fiasco's "Dumb It Down" instrumental. Those are two of the best tracks but the whole mixtape is absolute FIRE!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD or check out Complex Magazine's site for the free download as well.



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