Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Walmart to Sell $99 4GB iPhone

This is kind of crazy but we should have seen it coming.  Apple and Walmart are working together to take over the world...or at least the cellphone world.  Rumor has it that Apple is planning on offering a 4GB $99 version of the popular iPhone within the next couple of months.  Although Walmart doesn't exactly match the Apple brand in terms of coolness, the relationship does make sense if it's about selling a massive amount of units.  Walmart is by far the biggest and most powerful distribution chain in the world and can get products into the hands of millions of people across a wide area of states and countries.

Apple was missing that hugely popular price point of $99 for cellphones and putting this version in a "discount" retailer actually makes a little sense so that it doesnt' take away from the branding of the "higher-end" line in their own retail stores.  I have a ton of friends that felt that the current 8GB $199 and 16GB $299 versions were just too expensive for their budget even though they really wanted the phone.  I love the looks on people's faces when I show them what the iPhone is capable of doing and all of the cool apps that are available.  It's like a mini-computer in your hands at all times.  The $99 version will absolutely take Apple to the next level and make them one of the most popular cellphone brands (even more than they are currently) within the next couple of years.  This could be one of the best decisions Apple has made in a long time and that's saying something.  Almost all of their decisions have been perfect lately...     

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