Friday, December 5, 2008

Random iPod Track of the Week - Mark Morrison "Return of the Mack"

Oh, hell yeah!  This is my joint right here!  I almost freaked the F out the other day when Mark Morrison's "Return of the Mack" came up on the iPod.  I was singing and dancing in my car like I was 17 again, cruisin' down the Hampton Beach strip with my boys in my Delta 88 Hooptie looking for some fly honeys.  There's no doubt the people behind me were afraid I was gonna swerve off the road or take out the car in front of me.  I have listened to this 5 times already while typing up this post.  This song never gets old!

I swear that I will be able to play this song in 20 years (yes, I will still be DJ'n!) and everyone will still get down like it's 1996!  There's just something about the beat and Mark Morrison's voice and lyrics that makes everyone bug out when they hear this.  I used to drop this into a set once in awhile when I was rockin' some old school and this was always that jam that got the party started.  It got to the point where people were requesting it every week because they knew I had it and would play it.  Good times! 

There are two very small details about this song that I absolutely love.  The first part is the intro on the extended album version (below).  It starts off with an insane piano riff which could be a song's instrumental by itself.  It's just unreal how awesome it sounds and how well it works as a build up for the beat to kick in.  When it finally hits, you are definitely ready to get down.  My second favorite detail is the "bridge" with the dope scratchin' routine.  This is only available on the extended version of the song, as well.  I remember "air scratchin" to that part of the song (around 3:12) thinking to myself that I have to learn how to do this for real.  I would definitely add this to my list of reasons why I wanted to become a DJ.  Enjoy!


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