Monday, February 9, 2009

Rumor: Rihanna Gave Chris Brown Herpes, Causing Grammy Incident

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Wow.  This whole Rihanna/Chris Brown situation is F'd up and getting crazier by the minute!!!  I didn't have a clue about this whole situation until this morning since I did not watch the lame Grammy Awards and expected nothing interesting to happen.  I guess I got that one wrong...

I am sure you have heard by now that Chris Brown was arrested (actually, he turned himself in after Rihanna called the cops and released on $50K bail) for supposedly hitting Rihanna.  I took a look at some other sites around the Hip Hop Blogosphere and I came across these two gems of why the incident may have occured:


Word on the street: The heated argument was over Rihanna giving Chris herpes. Needless to say, the convo wasn't going too well so Chris mollywoped Rih Rih in the face and then had the limo leave her in Hancock Park where she then ran and called the police.

Word on the avenue: Chris and Rihanna were in the limo on the way back to the hotel but apparently Chris didn't want Rihanna to go with him because techinically they're broken up. Rihanna is super jealous and started confronting Chris about another woman that her best friend told her about and when Chris brushed her off she started getting hype and pushing him and slapping him. He grabbed her and told her to chill the fuck out at which point she screamed for the limo to pull over and let her out. 


Last week rumors swirled that Chris was cheating on Rihanna with another woman — Trey Songz’s ex-fiancee, who Chris recently hired as one of his dancers.

The former lovebirds strived to give the appearance of still being a loving couple at Clive’s party, but as you can see by Brown’s body language above — he was already over the relationship.

An inside source informed us that the trouble started when Chris considered Rihanna to be “damaged goods” after he discovered she had contracted Herpes.

Damn son!  If that is true about Rihanna contracting Herpes, that is just foul.  I don't promote hitting a woman for any reason and don't think he should have taken it to that level but if that is the reason why he got so fired up, I can kind of understand his fury.  That is one of the worst possible things you could do to a man that you are in a relationship with other than getting pregnant by some other dude.

It should be interesting to see where this goes as we learn more information.  Crazy!
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