Wednesday, February 25, 2009

NBA Round Up - Random Ish From the Week

Dwight Howard shows that he is still wears that Superman shirt underneath his jersey.  These halfcourt shots are pretty impressive.  Too bad he can't hit a freakin' free throw in a game.
In this same game against the Magic, Dwayne Wade scored 50 pts. but the Heat still lost by 23 points.  Yikes
This was a sick off the backboard alley oop from Earl Watson to Russell Westbrook who then teabags some dude on the Warriors.  I really wish Westbrook was in the Dunk Contest instead of Rudy Fernandez this year.  I think he would have been more exciting and could have competed for the top spot.  Dude has serious hops.
This one is a classic.  LeBron James blatantly farts as he walks back to the bench and Anderson Varejao catches a whiff and almost throws up.  LeBron then chuckles and grins without even trying to deny it was him.  HA HA!!!

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