Friday, February 20, 2009

TNT's All-Star Dance Off: Kenny Smith vs. Gary Payton (FUNNY)

I don't know if the actual Dance Off ever actually happened but this is good enough for me.  I am laughing my ass off right now.  Forget Barkley's shenanigans.  Chris Webber and Gary Payton are freakin' hysterical.

I knew GP and Kenny were talking smack to each other a few weeks back and were going to have a dance off during All Star Weekend but I didn't know what came of it since I couldn't find anything on YouTube.  If there wasn't an official contest, this "Chair Dance Off" will do.  It's pretty damn funny but Chris Webber's reaction (and beatboxing!) is what makes this a classic.  Ernie (the white guy host) is just sitting there clueless and goofy and wants to say something but he knows that if he opens his mouth, he is going to get clowned by these guys.  So good!

This is how it all started:

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