Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"David After Dentist" - Little Kid Gets "Stoned" From Dentist Visit (HILARIOUS!)

I am totally jackin' this idea for a post from BarStoolSports.com right now but I just had to do it.  This video is way too funny not to share with the rest of the world.  This kid is absolutely hysterical!  He has no idea what's going on.  I'm sure Rick James would say "Anaesthesia is a hell of a drug!".  DAMN! 

This is exactly how you looked and sounded the first time you got stoned.  I guarantee it.  It's just that much funnier when it's a little kid who has no idea what's going on or has any idea feeling like that even existed.  The funny thing is, he will probably be seeking out that feeling again in just a few short years... 

My favorite quotes were:
-Is this real life?
-Now, I, ah...I have two fingers...four fingers...
-I can't see anything!
-I feel funny.
-Is this going to be forever?

HA HA!  So good.  I have watched this approximately 35 times already and it gets better every time!

UPDATE:  Now there are a bunch of "David After the Dentist" T-Shirts!  AWESOME!!!  His Dad even made a blog to try and capitalize on his son's fame.  Check it out at www.DavidAfterDentist.com.  The purple tee below will be sold at Hot Topic in your local mall.  Sweet. 

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