Friday, February 6, 2009

Lil Wayne's Katie Couric Interview (INTERESTING)

I didn't even know that Lil Wayne was going to be interviewed by Katie Couric because I don't watch that garbage ass news show but I know now due to the wonders of the internet.  This is actually a pretty good interview considering Katie Couric probably knows ZERO about Hip Hop or Lil Wayne.  That's OK though because sometimes rappers/artists open up more to people that know nothing about their industry because they don't get asked the typical "Hip Hop" questions.  That's why Howard Stern is such a good interviewer.  He never knows a damn thing about the rappers that come in to his studio so he asks them about things that are interesting and outside of the normal interview topics.

Some of the highlights from this interview:
- Wayne loves bowling and also has four of his own custom balls
- His real name is Dwayne but he dropped it to Wayne because he is a Junior and he didn't wanted to be associated with his Dad that has never been a part of his life.
- He loves to cal l Katie Couric "Miss Katie".  (Ha Ha)
- One of his tour buses is a complete mobile studio
- He claims he stopped sippin' on that sizzurp (syrup - the codeiene and alcohol mixed drink) or at least isn't addicted to it.  He also said that it was for when you "have a really bad cough".  (Say what!!!  Liar!)
- She asked him about weed and he says he still smokes because he likes it but it is for "medicinal purposes".

Wow!  Wayne just straight up lied to Katie Couric's face about his drug use and she barely even questioned it.  Classic!
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