Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Christian Bale Flips Out On Set of "Terminator Salvation"

HA HA!  Awesome!  This Christian Bale tirade has been making the rounds EVERYWHERE this morning.  I first heard it on Opie & Anthony when getting ready at home, then I heard it on The Howard Stern Show driving to work.  A co-worker said they played it on Good Morning America and Today and now I have finally heard the unedited version on YouTube and TMZ.com.  CLASSIC!

Christian Bale is flipping out a little bit like his character in American Psycho might do.  He needs to chill out and start smoking some weed or something.  It seems like this dude might have a serious anger problem since this is definitely not the first time this has been reported to happen on set.  He also flipped out on his mother and sister after they bad mouthed his wife.   Relax, man.

I can't really blame him for getting pissed off in this instance, though.  It would definitely be annoying if you were trying to do a scene for a movie and people are walking around and doing shit in the background, causing you to lose your concentration.  It must be hard enough just trying to remember your lines and such.

At this point it's expected that one of these freak outs from a Hollywood actor will happen every couple of months.  You would think they would all learn a lesson and start to keep their mouths shut.  I guess not.  Imagine how many tirades there must have been back in the day before cell phone cameras and recorders?  There must have been some serious gems!  
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UPDATE: Wow!  I am always amazed at how fast some people can create new content these days.  There is already a Techno Remix on YouTube of the Chirstian Bale Freak Out and it's actually pretty damn good!  Unreal.  Props to you Revolucian.  Nice work!

You can also download the MP3 of the "Bale Out" at Revolucian.com

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