Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Insane High School Basketball Fight in Alabama (YIKES)

WOW!.  This is F'n INSANE!!!  This fight occurred yesterday between G.W. Carver and Valley in Montgomery Alabama during what I believe is their state tournament.  The game was called with 6:23 left after the floor was cleared and Valley forfeited because they did not have enough players and probably because there is no way in hell that the madness would come to an end if they continued the game.

I got a little freaked out just watching this on my computer.  I can't imagine what it must have been like if you were actually in the stands at the game.  This is absolutely ridiculous.  I was expecting one of the Goons that came running out of the stands to pull out a gun or knife.  They were just looking for a reason to join in on this melee.  I still can't get over how intense this fight was on the floor and just when you thought it was over, it started in the stands with parents and fans.  WTF?!?!  Usually you see a fight between the players but people coming out of the stands to join in is definitely a newer occurrence.  Just complete ignorance all around.

It sounds like the refs did not have control over this game because both teams were starting to get chippy because of the lack of hard fouls being called.  That is no excuse for what ensued but I can understand it to a degree.  I have been in plenty of games where there was a complete lack of calls being made and it just got everyone all fired up to the point that there was a fight or the game was called before it elevated even further.

I don't understand why refs can't see this as it's happening and just calm everyone down.  The only thing they have to do is just make a few extra calls to show that they are in control.  If you let things get too physical, shit just gets hectic.  When someone gets tackled and there is no foul called, it just puts more fuel on the fire.  

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