Friday, February 13, 2009

Lil Wayne on ESPN's Around the Horn (NOT BAD)

I didn't catch this episode of Around the Horn live but based on these clips of Lil Wayne on the show, it looks like he definitely held his own.  Weezy is definitely a huge sports fan and even has his own blog on so it's not a surprise to see him do well when talking about sports. 

I thought it was kind of strange when I first heard ESPN was giving a blog to Lil Wayne but he has been doing a great job and continues to show that he is not as dumb as many people want to make him out to be.  It was a little bit of a risk on their part but it definitely worked out.  He might need to work on his non-rap delivery when doing live shows like Around The Horn since he speaks really softly for some reason.  He definitely makes a lot of intelligent points so that is half the battle. 

I could definitely see him making this a second career if/when he retires from music.  He's already doing it to some extent.  I think it would be cool as hell if Wayne and Snoop got together and started their own Hip Hop PTI or something.  That would be crazy! 

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