Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kanye West ft. Kid Cudi - "Welcome to Heartbreak" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

This is the sick new video from Kanye West (ft. Kid Cudi) for his new single "Welcome to Heartbreak" from 808's and Heartbreak. Don't freak out. There is nothing wrong with the video or your internet connection. It is supposed to look all pixelated, f'd up and tripped out. I bet you this would be cool as hell to watch if you were a little tipsy or stoned out of your mind.

I definitely like the video and appreciate the creativity. It's a little weird but it's different and original. It's tough to come up with a video concept that hasn't already been done these days. It seems to fit perfectly with the track as well. I also think "Welcome to Heartbreak" is one of the hidden gems on the album. I totally forgot about this track until I saw this video but I like it a lot. I think the video added to the appeal for me. Dope!

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