Monday, December 20, 2010

Danny Woodhead Poses as Modell's Employee to Sell His Own Reebok Jersey (FUNNY)

I think the title explains it all.  Danny Woodhead dressed up as a Modell's employee at a store in MA and tried to get customers to buy his own jersey.  One lady actually thought he was Woodhead but the rest didn't have a clue since he looks like just a regular dude that would work in a store like that.

The funniest part is that almost every single person, including the women, were all taller and larger than him.  I knew Woodhead was small but this video really made it sink in.  It's pretty incredible that he is a successful player in the NFL with his size.  It's not like he is jacked either.  His arms are kind of scrawny.  He literally looks like he is 17 years old!  So crazy.

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