Monday, December 20, 2010

Desean Jackson's Game Winning Punt Return vs. Giants (CRAZY)

Most punters in the NFL have learned by now not to kick the ball to DeSean Jackson at any time of the game because he is a TD return waiting to happen.  Giants' Punter Matt Dodge obviously didn't get the memo because he kicked it right to Jackson with :12 left on the clock instead of kicking it out of bounds and trying to take the game into OT.  Dodge was supposed to do just that based on Tom Coughlin's reaction after the play.  I kind of feel bad for the dude but he did it to himself.  I can only imagine the beating he took from Coughlin and the team after the game too.  Yikes.

The game itself was a great one too.  The Eagles came back after being 21 points down and pulled off one of the best come from behind wins of the season.  Actually, this might have been the best game of the season so far.

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