Friday, December 17, 2010

White Kid "Shatters" Backboard in High School B-Ball Game (DISAPPOINTING)

Someone sent me the link to this video and I got all fired up thinking it was going to be sick.  It's not often you get to see a white kid throw down a dunk in a high school basketball game, yet alone shatter the backboard so I thought this kid might have redeemed all of us white folks for years of awful dunks.

Unfortunately, I was severely disappointed when I finally saw the video.  The dunk itself was fairly basic but decent enough but the glass didn't really shatter and the whole thing was just severely underwhelming.  The backboard just kind of cracked and stayed all in one place.  Boring!  I want to see glass flying everywhere and the rim fall off on someone's head like the good old days.  I'm not saying I wouldn't be pumped if I did the same thing but I was just expecting more. 

I think this YouTube comment summed it up best:

 "Title should read, "overweight kid bends rim and cracks glass"  KHII

The video below shows some examples of how you shatter a backboard or just generally destroy one.  This kid has some work to do.  

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