Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sick Hail Mary Game Winning TD Pass In High School Football Game (WOW)

This play should have never happened but it was pretty nasty regardless.  The defense is always taught to stay home and not leave their assignment until they are absolutely sure it's a run or pass play.  You can see the defense just running back and forth on the field following the QB.  That's why the receiver was so wide open.  That's just bad D.

Anyway, the QB did a great job of keeping the play alive and keeping his head up to find the open receiver.   It happened on 4th & 10 with 2 minutes to go, down 21-20.  Here's the breakdown according to the videos description:

"The 2010 Vikings find themselves down 20-21 with only 2:08 left in the 4th quarter in the CIF Central Section Finals against the undefeated Porterville Panthers. It's 4th and 10 on their own 19 yard line when running back converted to QB Garrett Steele pulls off another amazing play just like at San Luis Obispo which that video has over 1.3 million hits. He finds away to elude the pass rush for 16 seconds, running from one sideline to the other even running to the back of the end zone before launching a 45 yard pass from the 1 yard line on the run to running back Taylor Abernathy."

Here's the other play they were talking about that was eerily similar:

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