Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snoop Dogg and John Legend - "Do The Peyton Manning Dance" (FUNNY)

I used to hate Peyton Manning with a passion because he was an enemy of the Patriots and he was also a big tool but I've relaxed on that opinion over the years since he's actually pretty funny in all of those goofy commercials.  I can appreciate someone who can be self deprecating or just not take themselves to seriously and he is certainly that. 

Kenny Mayne took it to the next level by recruiting Snoop Dogg and John Legend to create a song called "Do The Peyton Manning Dance" for his show/feature "The Mayne Event".  It might be a few years too late based on the fact that they are making fun of all the movements and shakes Peyton does during the game but it's still pretty funny. 

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