Thursday, December 16, 2010

Celtics Beat Knicks on Pierce's Buzzer Beater (GREAT GAME)

If you didn't catch the Celtics/Knicks game last night, you missed a good one.  The Knicks were up most of the game and Amare Stoudemire was a BEAST all game long.  He ended up with 39 points and 10 rebounds and almost responded to Pierce's buzzer beater with one of his own from deep behind the three point line.  Everyone in the building thought they would go for the alley oop to Stoudemire at the rim but instead he stepped out for the jumper.  Luckily, it was well after the buzzer but that was a big scare for a second.

I'll give the Knicks credit though.  They played the C's well and they are definitely a legit team.  Even Pierce and Garnett acknowledged that after the game.  Stoudemire is playing out of his mind and Felton and Gallinari are real nice compliments that are coming into their own as well.  There are a ton of rumors about Carmelo Anthony being traded to the Knicks but some fans have to wonder if that will mess up the chemistry they have going right now.  You make that trade all day when you have  the chance to get another elite player but at least Knicks fans actually have an argument to make for once.

The best part of the game other than Pierce's game winner was the celebration after the shot when Nate Robinson jumped over Pierce and ended up falling on his head.  I thought he broke his arm or neck but luckily he bounced right back like "a little puppy" to quote Tommy Heinsohn.  You gotta love the energy of the little guy. Here's another look at the celebration incident:

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