Thursday, December 2, 2010

LeBron Returns to Cleveland Tonight: Cavs Ban Anti-LeBron Signs and Shirts (LAME)

The day that everyone in Cleveland has been waiting for over the past 6 months is finally here. LeBron James returns to Quickens Loans Arena for the first time since making his "Decision" to leave Cleveland and join the Miami Heat in "Sowf Beach".

The whole city of Cleveland has been gearing up for this for a long time.  They aren't just acting like a spurned lover that was kicked to the curb in favor of some new booty. They are reacting like LeBron murdered a family member or something way more intense. They even have a list of chants scheduled for different parts of the game:

This game isn't just a big deal in Cleveland though. NBA fans and even just regular sports fans will be tuning in to see what could possibly be the most intense gathering of hatred for one player in the history of sports. Shaq even mentioned the other day that players were placing bets on things like whether or not LeBron will do is pregame chalk ritual and things like that just to make it even more interesting.  Everyone is completely locked in on this game. 

Knowing how LeBron has played under pressure in the past few years, I fully expect him to play like shit tonight and get laughed out of the building.  The Cavs beat the Celtics during the second game of the season with an intense effort so we know they can step it up when needed.  This is going to be like that multiplied by 100. If LeBron has any sack left whatsoever though, he will step his game up and prove to be the villain that everyone thinks he is and drop 40 on the Cavs. I really don't think LeBron has any idea how bad it's really going to be. He's obviously oblivious to the real world which The Decision madness proved so he probably thinks he's going to get a warm welcome with a few boos or something completely delusional.

Somewhat surprising is the fact that the Cavs owner Dan Gilbert has decided to ban all anti-LeBron shirts and signs during the game as a "safety measure". Although I think the extra security was totally warranted considering there are rumors of Cleveland fans possibly bringing batteries to throw at LeBron (That's just taking to to far people. Settle down.), I still think it's a little ridiculous to sensor people on the day that their former King returns after completely turning his back on the entire city and organization. Let them get some shit off their chest at least. 

It would be funny to let everyone go nuts this one time but on the other hand, there needs to be some kind of guidelines and decency set in place. The game is nationally televised and they don't want to look like a bunch of assholes so I get it. It's just more disappointing than anything. I was hoping to see some gems like these shirts below.

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