Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Best High School Dunk Contest Ever? (IMPRESSIVE)

High School dunk contests can be kind of hit or miss, depending on the crop of athletes in the competition each year.  For some reason, this City of Palms dunk contest had a ridiculous group of dunkers and the event rivals almost any contest that I've ever seen from either college or the NBA. 

These kids were pulling off some legit dunks and their creativity was off the charts.  I can't figure out if kids are jumping higher and getting better at dunking or if this was just an anomaly and we may never see anything like it ever again.  Either way, the competition was absolutely NASTY and I wish I saw it live. I was kind of shocked that the 7 foot white dude Marshall Plumlee pulled off the win but his creativity obviously impressed the judges. 

Here's the YouTube description:

Christ School's 7-footer Marshall Plumlee, a Duke signee, used a teammate & some creativity to take the title in arguably the STRONGEST FIELD EVER in City of Palms Dunk Contest HISTORY, and maybe any HS dunk contest!!!! Watch every dunk that went down!!! (Deuce Bello, Ike Nwamu, Demetris Morant, Marcus Gilbert, & More)

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